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NFV Downtown Academy


The NFV Downtown Academy was created to provide an educational setting to meet the specialized needs of a small percentage of students.  The Downtown Academy provides:


• a highly structured classroom environment;

• a low student to staff ratio, with small group and individual support provided, as needed;

• specially designed instruction in Behavior/Coping Skills, including Employability Skills

• implementation of individual Behavior Intervention Plans (BIP), including strategies to prevent challenging behavior from occurring as well as immediate feedback/response strategies to challenging behavior

• implementation of a positive, classroom-wide behavior management system

• regular, on-going communication with parents/guardians regarding a student’s progress at the Downtown Academy

• the opportunity to earn course credit toward an NFVHS Diploma



NFV Downtown Academy Admission Criteria


All students being considered for admission into the NFV Downtown Academy MUST have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) that includes a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) and Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP).  Questions to be answered:


    1. Has contact been made with the AEA Core Team member for your building?
    2. Has the FBA/BIP rubric been completed and implemented with fidelity?
    3. Does the data indicate that the current placement is not successful?


Prior to admission, an Intake Meeting will be held to determine if the Downtown Academy is an appropriate placement for the individual student.  The Intake Meeting will serve as an IEP Amendment or Review meeting to accurately reflect the change of setting in the IEP.  The purpose of the Intake Meeting is to introduce the student and parents/guardians to the NFV Downtown Academy, explain the philosophy and expectations of the program, and to answer any questions.  A starting date at the Downtown Academy will be determined at the Intake Meeting.

Admission into the Downtown Academy is determined by North Fayette Valley administration based on the recommendation of the IEP team.