Contagious Novel Coronavirus Update 3/16/20

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Contagious Novel Coronavirus

Update 3/16/20


After that abrupt closing of school last night we have been very busy.  We understand and support Governor Reynolds’ decision. I’ve spent today talking with several key employees to make some plans for this interruption of our school year.  Many things students, parents and employees need to know are still not clear, but Governor Reynolds is helping out with some legislation. She has proposed an unemployment law that will give everyone who is abruptly put out of work immediate benefits.  This will be a big help to those who have been put out of work.


In a press conference as of 4:30 today, the Governor has reported that we will not have to make up time lost to this shutdown.  That means we get 19 days less of instruction for these students. At some point in time we will have to fill the gaps this creates, but parents can help.  Young students need to be reading, working with numbers and learning. As the older students will have a computer at home there can be some fun and engaging activities that can help them stay in touch.  At this time we are waiting for more guidance on using remote instruction. In the weeks ahead we hope to be able to have meaningful interactions between teachers and students.


The NFV School Board has set a special board meeting for Wednesday night at 6:00 pm in the High School to clear up some of the circumstances our employers and our parents are facing.  The IPDH has recommended we develop flexible leave and attendance policies, but since this is a shutdown, that may change at this time. We will see what the future brings.


Going forward into this shutdown, our plans are to shut down the buildings so that students, parents and coaches CANNOT be in the building, we need to keep them closed.  Our ability to keep teenagers from gathering is key to our goal of flattening the curve. If a son or daughter needs a computer, they may come in and get one this week.