Middle School Announcements

Announcements for December 18, 2018 – Day A


Daily Happenings: 


Menu: Crispito & Salsa, Steamed Corn, Lettuce Salad, Applesauce, Bread & Butter


REMINDER: Playing games is acceptable before school, but please make sure they are appropriate.


Email Mrs. Krambeer at jkrambeer@nfv.12.ia.us with any interest in the following:

Children’s Book Writer/Editor

  1. Purpose of the position:

    1. Create simple children’s books for lower elementary students to help with letter sounds

  2. Requirements for the position:

    1. Good academic standing, positive behavior recommendations

    2. Able to make progress working independently

    3. Communicate with Mrs. Krambeer and Mrs. Nelson periodically about expectations and progress

    4. Able to follow directions to put together books according the the expectations

  3. Duties of the position:

    1. Spend time when available during study hall or other assigned time to put together books with specific word and picture requirements.

      1. Examples will be given

      2. Specific text will be given for you to use to create the books

    2. Report progress to Mrs. Krambeer and Mrs. Nelson weekly

    3. Present books for approval or reworking to supervisors before the final will be printed and shared with students.

Leadership position available as vending machine manager. See the information below for more details if you are interested, please email Mrs. Strong at rlstrong@nfv.k12.ia.us