NFV Contagious Novel Coronavirus Update 4/14/20

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4/14/2020 Plans for when school is out!


It’s heartbreaking news from Governor Reynolds today, as she informed the state that schools will not be back in session for the rest of this year.  Heartbreaking because the teachers miss their students, and I bet some of the same emotions well up from students for their teachers. We share in the hardships that victims to the disease suffer through and the local businesses who also lose in this shutdown.  But the people we work with, the Class of 2020 are victims too. All the big events of Senior Year will not be the same. We may have to hold a virtual graduation or awards night, maybe some other kind of celebration, perhaps maybe have a midsummer graduation? We’ll look at all the options, and include input form students and parent committees in our effort to celebrate a real #Seniors2020 send off.


In total, we are missing 50 days of instruction for these students.  Over a quarter of the school year is being lost, and that is why we must continue on with the learning online which we started a couple weeks ago.  As I’ve said before, your students need to be ready to be successful in next year’s classes.  Along those lines, Governor Reynolds has also waived the mandatory start date for school in August.  We are thinking there could be some meaningful catch-up time if we started in early August, to get through the critical learnings students may have missed this spring.


We have had the buildings completely closed over the past two weeks, and they will remain closed until further notice.  With the disease coming to a peak this week, breakouts in some industries and long term care facilities we will maintain the highest safety by keeping everyone home until the disease curve is noticeably coming down.


In the end, we have to remember why we close schools and use social distancing.  COVID-19 is a dangerous contagion. Even though it’s been around for up to 5 months, we still know it as a NOVEL virus.  It has proven to be deadly and to be spread without symptoms. For all of you who have had a close friend or family member fall ill or succumb to this disease, our thoughts and prayers go with you.  


I am encouraged when I hear of so many researchers working day and night to advance the science and get us a treatment or better yet a vaccine.  But that takes time and we have to be patient. We have people making PPE’s or volunteering at food banks and courageously serving in our hospitals and clinics.  Be thankful for these great people in our communities. Stay Safe and look out for one another!.


Duane Willhite