Hall of Fame Guidelines


  • Distinguished Alumni — individuals who have graduated from NFVHS or any of the high schools that previously existed in the current North Fayette Valley Community School District, and have been out of high school for a minimum of seven years.
  • Distinguished Faculty and Staff – Teachers, counselors, and administrators from NFVHS or any of the high schools that previously existed in the current North Fayette Valley Community School District who have retired or left at least five years prior to nomination.
  • Distinguished Contributors — individuals who have made a significant contribution to NFVHS and any of the high schools that previously existed in the current North Fayette Valley Community School District.



  • Membership
  • High School Principal
  • 1 Alum from the previous North Fayette CSD
  • 1 Alum from the previous Valley CSD
  • 2 Community Members
  • 1 Retired teacher from the North Fayette CSD
  • 1 Retired teacher from the Valley CSD
  • 2 Current teachers from NFVHS
  • Appointments
  • Initially, the high school principal will serve as the chairperson of the committee
  • Committee will select a chairperson, who will serve in that capacity for one year. The chairperson must be on the committee for at least two years prior to assuming that position.



  • Phase I:
  • Nominations will be solicited through the district newsletter, high school newsletter, school website, local newspaper, social media, class reunion organizers, and possibly mailings to alumni.
  • Phase II:
  • Committee members will review all nominations received by the due date. Each will recommend three for further consideration.
  • Phase III:
  • The chairperson will post recommended individuals. After the initial posting, committee members may add one more person.
  • Phase IV:
  • A ballot will be created from the nominated names.
  • Each committee member may vote for up to six individuals.
  • In the voting process, they will give 6 votes for one, 5 votes for one, 4 votes for one, 3 votes for one, 2 votes for one, and 1 vote for one.
  • Nominees who receive 46 points will automatically qualify for induction. Nominees that receive 30 points will be in the pool for additional consideration.
  • Vote on all eligible candidates.
  • Continue voting, eliminating the lowest half each round until three are left. Keep the highest Distinguished Contributor or Distinguished Faculty member in each round.
  • Phase V:
  • In year one, a maximum of five individuals will be selected. In each following year, a maximum of three individuals will be selected.
  • Phase VI:
  • Of those selected in year one, no more than three faculty or contributors will be included. In each following year, no more than one faculty or contributor will be included.
  • Phase VII:
  • Nominees not selected will remain active.



  • Successful in career
  • Success during high school
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Contributions to the good of man-kind
  • Outstanding achievement



  • All nominations must be received by March 15.
  • Selection of new inductees will be completed by April 15.
  • The induction ceremony will take place the following fall/homecoming.



  • Display
  • The Hall of Fame will be displayed on the Touch Screen display in the high school and middle school.
  • Ceremony
  • Hold the induction ceremony in conjunction with Homecoming
  • The inductee will be given an award in honor of their induction and will be asked to give a brief acceptance speech.