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 2021-2022  Information

Online registration opens Wednesday, July 28.

Any questions can be directed to office secretaries by email or phone (NFV Schools (563) 422-3851).

Tech related questions can be emailed to Tracy Schlitter 

*All online payment fees will be waived till August 31st.

All student registrations MUST BE COMPLETED BY  Friday, August 13th.


Online Registration Instructions:  

    1. Infinite Campus Parent Portal
      1. Families new to the district will use this link to register using a valid email address.
      2. If you forgot your password or need an account set up, please email Tracy Schlitter or call the office @ 563-422-3851.
    2. Once you are logged in to the parent portal, the Message Center is on the left. Select “More” at the bottom of the list.  Online Registration is at the bottom. Select “Online Registration” and it will begin the process.
    3. All of your kids should be listed.  If so, click onBegin Registration”. If they are not, you are not listed as the child’s guardian so please contact the secretary in your student’s building.
    4. Type in your name and write your name with the mouse or trackpad to verify you are authorized.
    5. Follow the prompts to continue.  
      1. Each page that opens will include your information as it appears in Infinite Campus (I.C.).  Each page can be edited if changes or corrections are necessary. These edits will not appear in I.C. until the office staff has a chance to check and accept changes.
      2. All fields marked with a red asterisk are required, you will not be allowed to go on until you have answered these questions.  Use the “Next” button at the bottom of each page, when done with that section select “Save and continue”.
      3. Links to documents for each question are live on the I.C. module,  click them to read the document being referenced. Upon completion of your registration, these documents will only remain accessible on the NFV registration webpage.
    1. Registration Payments

a. Reminder that Infinite Campus has changed payment processors. So any payment methods you had set up for your credit cards or eCheck accounts have been deleted and you will be asked to enter your payment methods again into the Parent Portal.

b. Upon completion of Online Registration, go back to your Infinite Campus parent portal page and select “Fees” on the left.  Select “New” at the bottom this is where you will be asked to enter your payment methods again. Make sure you are in the 2021-2022 school year at the top and click add to your cart by your fees. Old bills have automatically been added to your 21-22 fees but will not be itemized. You can contact the building secretary to know what fees are for. 

c. School lunches will be free for the 2021-2022 school year.  The free lunch provision does not include extra portions, you will need to have money in your student’s lunch account for that.  Break milk will need to be paid for the year or semester, at the start of the school year. To check your lunch balance that can be used for extra portions click on the left side where it says “Food Service” you can see your balances.  If you would like to add money to your accounts click on the “pay” button and you can add the amount you want added to each account.  Then just click on “add to cart”. 

d. Activity tickets, elementary break milk (PK – 5) and yearbooks can be added to your cart by selecting the “optional payments” button on the bottom – click add to cart if you would like these.

e. When all is done click on  “My Cart” on the right to review your items.  Please review your fees and balance due. If needed add your payment method.  Click “Submit Payment” to pay.  Fees are categorized and they will include balances brought forward from past years.

f. We ask that you submit the total due for past balances and the current registration. If there are financial concerns, please talk to a building secretary and we can establish a payment plan for you. 


Payments can also be made through the mail to:

North Fayette Valley Schools

PO Box 73

West Union, IA 52135


The Parent-Led Conferences will be held Monday, August 23rd from 1:00 PM – 7:00 PM and Tuesday, August 24th from 1:00 PM – 7:00 PM.  If you are unable to attend this conference please call to set up an alternate time.  Sign up for conferences on the conference scheduler links below or call the school office to set up a time. Please complete 21-22NFV Questionnaire Parent-Led Intake Conferences and bring it to your conference.  

Intake conference scheduler will open on Monday, August 9th at 8:00 am.

Fayette Elementary Intake Conference Sign Up

Valley Elementary and NFV MS Intake Conference Sign Up

West Union Elementary Intake Conference Sign Up

Supply Lists for 21-22



FE Elementary

Valley Elementary

WU Elementary

Registration Information Referenced In Our Online Registration Process

PK -12 Permissions and Notifications

PK -12 Attendance Procedures

PK -12 Immunization Letter

PK -12 Student Health Form

K-5 Internet Access Permission

K – 8 Parent-Led Intake Conferences Form

6 – 12 Internet Acceptable Use Policy

6-12 Laptop Acknowledgement Form

6-12 Internet Permission Form

7-12 Athletics Information

Athletic Authorization

Conduct and Eligibility

NFV Heads Up Concussion Information

Athletic Physical Form Please print this out, have your Dr. fill it out and return it to the HS Office.


Other Information

Migrant Worker FormNeed to return to the office secretary

Click here for the Migrant Worker Form in English

Click here for the Migrant Worker Form in Spanish