August 9 Board Minutes




Minutes, Regular Meeting of the North Fayette Valley Community School District Board of Education, Monday, August 9,  2021 in the NFV High School Library, 600 N Pine Street, West Union, IA  52142


NFV Board of Education: Stacy Cummings, Eileen Schlawin, LaCreasha Schultz, 

& Carolyn Roys. Emily Koch,  Julie Ahrens & Marc Rue 

were absent.  Student Member:  Nathan Crocker

Others: Superintendent: Joe Griffith, Business Manager: Sue 

Thoms; Superintendent Secretary:  Susan Winter; Principals: Travis Elliott, Micah Gearhart, Chris Miller, & Lori Westhoff; Curriculum Director: Betsy Nefzger;  Staff: Ted Schacherer, John Bendt, Barb Schroeder, & Christy Radloff; Media: Jack Swanson.


President Cummings called the Regular Meeting of the NFV Board of Education to order at 6 p.m. and Nathan Crooker led the board and audience in the Pledge of Allegiance.


Roll Call of Board members: Cummings, Schlawin, Schultz, & Roys.  Koch, Ahrens, & Rue were absent.


The agenda was approved as presented with the addition of the following: Sarah Bahe – English, Paul Amundson – volunteer drumline, and HS Library air conditioner repair.   Schlawin/Roys  Motion Carried 4-0


Public Forum:    President Cummings welcomed and invited comments from the public.   


Motion to approve the consent agenda with the following items:

  • Minutes of the July 12 & 26 regular & special meetings
  • Review/approve invoices
  • Approve Financial Reports
  • Approve Resignations: Sarah Niles – custodian
  • Approve New Hire: Jon Kullen – early bird PE, & Sarah Bahe – HS English
  • Approve Volunteer Coaches:  Tracy Nuss – XC, Koby Moore – FB, Gary Bemiss – FB, Paul Amundson – drumline, & Billie Cowley – VB
  • Gifts: Mark & Denise Nelson Family, Diane Teig Memorial fund, & LGerene Sawvell Estate

  Roys/Schultz  Motion carried 4-0



Nathan Crooker reported that Fall athletics have started, band camp is next week, and schedules are out.  Ready for the new school year.


Principal reports were received.  Principal Westhoff reported that new teachers are coming tomorrow – getting ready for the new year.  Principal Miller reported on the new scheduler for facilities and getting ready for the start of the sports seasons.  Principal Gearhart reported on finalizing schedules.  Principal Elliott reported that he is working on scheduling planning for school in the midst of construction.  Curriculum Director Nefzger reported that new teachers are coming in tomorrow with training on procedures, AIW, etc.  Intake conferences are coming up for K-8.           


Business Manager Thoms gave an update on the business office activities including the annual audit, annual reports, and starting the new year.  


Superintendent’s report included the following: 

COVID-19 – Supt Griffith handed out the new guidance from Iowa Department of Public Health.  He stated that we cannot mandate vaccinations or mask wearing.  We will continue to work with IDPH if we do have outbreaks.  We need to remember that anything regarding Covid is subject to change. 


WUE HVAC – Supt Griffith reported that the project is well underway.  The 2 story portion is almost complete and ready for cleaning.  Technology has re-networked the building.  The project will continue into the fall as expected, Mr. Elliot has worked closely with the contractor to make sure this will be successful. 


PPEL – Supt Griffith reviewed the voted PPEL plans for the upcoming vote.  He will be going out to meet with community groups to share information on proposed uses.  



The Board held the final reading and approved the following Board Policies: #505.5 – Graduation Requirements, #603.1 – Basic Instruction Program, #604.6 – NFV High School Contracted & PSEO Class Agreement, #606.5 – Student Field Trips and Excursions, #606.5-R1 – District Monetary Regulations, #606.5-R2 – District Sponsored Student Trip Policy,  #606.5-E1 – NFV School Field Trip Permission Form, #606.5-E2 – Student Medical Release Form for Overnight Out-of-State and Out-of-Country Travel, #606.5-E3 – NFV School District International Travel Consent Form, #609.4 – Musical Instrument Display Night, & #609.4-R1 – Conditions for Participation.   Schlawin/Roys  Motion Carried 4-0


The Board reviewed the Band/Vocal trip to Washington DC. Supt Griffith and Principal Westhoff met with the band/vocal staff last week.  They are uncertain if a DC trip may or may not be the right option at this point in time.  The district will plan for a more regional trip in the Spring, due to variables and unknowns at this time.  Supt Griffith is recommending to support an every 4 year model, including a plan for a regional trip for this year.  The Board approved a closer regional trip for this year and the implementation of a 4 year rotation with DC as an option.  Roys/Schultz  Motion Carried 4-0 



Supt Griffith presented the Return to Learn Plan for NFV.  This is based on the FY20 plan with elimination of remote and hybrid learning unless authorized by the Department of Education or IDPH.  In accordance with HF 847, the RtL indicates the school cannot create or enforce a policy to require face coverings.   A few of the items that remain are hand washing, health screening at home, working with public health to share vaccination information, and frequent cleaning of facilities.  Transportation will follow HF 847 regarding masks wearing on the school bus. Wearing a face covering, according to state law, is a personal decision. The Board approved the Return to Learn Plan for FY21. Schlawin/Roys  Motion Carried 4-0


Supt Griffith presented the ESSER III Plan for NFV.  This application will supplant General fund expenditures with ESSER III funds.  This is good for the long-term fiscal standing of the school district.  The Board approved the ESSER III Plan.  Roys/Schlawin  Motion Carried 4-0


The Board approved change orders for the WUE HVAC project to include:  add arc fault reduction to MDP, add attic receptacles & connections, geothermal retention tank, and delete the steam boiler feed system.  Schlawin/Schultz  Motion Carried 4-0


The Board approved the transfer of $580,075 to SAVE for DOE approved expenses under ESSER II funds.  Roys/Schultz  Motion Carried 4-0 


No action was taken on the HS Library air conditioning repair.



IASB Convention – Julie Ahrens will attend and has volunteered to be the delegate.


Motion to adjourn at 6:33 pm.  Schlawin/Schultz  Motion Carried 4-0


______________________________ _____________________________

Stacy Cummings, President Sue Thoms, Business Manager