Middle School Announcements

MS Announcements

Announcements for September 23, 2021 – Day A   Daily Happenings: Activity Bus will leave Valley Campus at 5:30 today.                                                           Menu: Hot Dog & Bun, French Fries, Baked Beans & Kiwi Next week is Homecoming Week and we encourage all of the students and staff to participate, the dress up days are as follows:  Monday: Slippers Day (PJs) Tuesday: Tennis Shoes Day (Jerseys, team shirts, etc) Wednesday: Cowboy Boots Day (Cowboy Apparel) Thursday: Flip Flops Day (Beach day) Friday: Your Shoes Day (Spirit Day) Just a reminder to the students that arrive on the later bus after school at the HS, you should cross the highway using the crosswalks, not just crossing the road wherever they want.  …  [Read More]