March 14, 2022 Board Minutes




Minutes, Regular Meeting of the North Fayette Valley Community School District Board of Education, Monday, March 14, 2022, in the NFV High School Library, 600 N Pine Street, West Union, IA  52142


NFV Board of Education: LaCreasha Schultz, Julie Ahrens, Amanda Rodgers, Eileen 

Schlawin, Stacy Cummings, & Richard Klosterman.  Emily Koch was absent.  Student Members: Nathan Crooker, Sophie Durnan, & Claire Britt  

Others: Superintendent: Joe Griffith, Business Manager: Sue 

Thoms; Principals: Micah Gearhart Travis Elliot, & Lori Westhoff; Curriculum Director:  Betsy Nefzger; Media: Sharon Drahn; Staff: David Riemer, Anastasia Lavranko, Stephanie Vagts, Sherri Imoehl, Elly Lehs, Morgan Johnston, Jessica Bushman, Bailey Monroe, Barb Schroeder; and Patrons:  Steve Dunt.


President Cummings called the Regular Meeting of the NFV Board of Education to order at 5:30 pm and Julie Ahrens led the Board and audience in the Pledge of Allegiance.


Roll Call of Board members: Ahrens, Rodgers, Klosterman, Cummings, Schultz, & Schlawin.  Koch was absent.  


The agenda was approved as presented with the addition of resignation/retirement – Pam Schuett-Follon, new hire – Alan Fisk, VE/MS custodian, internal transfer – Stephanie Vagts from VE/MS to WUE/FE Music.   Schlawin/Klosterman  Motion Carried 6-0


Public Forum:  President Cummings welcomed and invited comments from the Public.   


Motion to approve the consent agenda with the following items:

  • Minutes of the February 14, 2022 regular meeting 
  • Review/approve invoices
  • Approve Financial Reports
  • Approve Resignations: Stephaine Wirtz – FE teacher, Abigail Conzett – WUE/FE music, Gabriel Dobbs – MS Volleyball pending suitable replacement, & Pam Schuett-Follon – VE/MS special education
  • Approve New Hires:  Jade Daughoton – MS track, Justin Heins – 8/9 baseball, Janessa Griffith – MS paraprofessional, Steve Schroeder – HS/MS physical education, & Alan Fisk – VE/MS custodian.
  • Transfers – Alex Stepan – 8/9 baseball to asst baseball & Stephanie Vagts – VE/MS music to WUE/FE music
  • Volunteer Coaches: Trey Kuhens – Baseball, Koby Moore – Baseball, Jon Kullen – Track & Field
  • Receive & Approve Gifts:  West Union Lions Club – Speech.

Ahrens/Schultz  Motion Carried 6-0



Nathan Crooker presented a portion of his capstone presentation on Contractual Law.    


Nathan Crooker reported on student council activities.  FFA contest was held last Saturday – Program Of Activities was selected to go to state in April.   Sophie Durnan reported on the recent Speech contest – Claire Britt and Zeke Stansbery have been selected for all state speech.  Recent concerts were held for band and choir.  Post prom and prom fundraisers are underway.  Claire Britt reported that Spring sports are underway.  Carter Schlawin participated in Special Olympics track & field and has qualified for state in May.  The Student Council is currently working on bringing awareness to Social Emotional Learning.  


Principal reports were received.  Principal Gearhart reported on parent teacher conferences.  Band and choir concerts were last week and the large group band contest was held last week.  Superior ratings were received by the 6th grade and MS bands.  The MS play was held as well last week.  MathCounts competitions were completed last week.  Principal Elliott reported that the Parade of Bands concert was great – good to see how the students progress through the years.  Parent Teacher conferences were held with in-person and virtual conferences.  Paras were recently celebrated for their service.   Principal Westhoff reported on parent teacher conferences and capstones.  Final selections for courses for next year’s classes are being completed. Area districts are currently working on a ‘Grow Your Own’ grant.  This grant would allow us to help paraprofessionals get their teaching license.  Likewise, junior and senior students would have the opportunity to work towards a paraprofessional certificate.  


David Riemer and Anastasia Lavrenko presented on the K-12 TAG program at NFV.    


Curriculum Director Nefzger reported on professional development updates and ISASP training for staff.  


Asst Principal Chris Miller reported on the success of the Winter sports and reported that soccer will be held at the MS field at the Valley campus.        


Business Manager Thoms reported that work continues on the FY23 Certified Budget as well as preparation for insurance open enrollment and employment contracts for next year.      


Superintendent’s report included the following: WUE HVAC project is progressing well with work continuing into the summer months.  The contractors have worked hard to ensure minimal disruption.


Plans to start HVAC renovation at the high school have come upon difficulties including potential issues with securing bidders and higher projected costs. It is suggested that we wait to let bids at this time.


The State Legislative session continues.  Items of concern include combining AEA’s, using paraprofessionals as substitute teachers, vouchers for private schools, radon testing, and  allowing volunteer teachers in the classrooms.   



Supt Griffith presented a new calendar that is similar to what was approved last month.  The only change is to move the February 20th pd/work day to January 3rd.  The Board set a public hearing for April 11th at 5:30 pm to approve this new calendar.  Schlawin/Schultz  Motion Carried 6-0


The Board held the second and final reading of the 100 Series Board Policies.  Changes include    changing #100 – Legal Status of the School District, #101 – Educational Philosophy of the District, #102 Equal Educational Opportunity, #102-R1 – Grievance Procedures, #102-E1 – Annual Notice of Nondiscrimination, #104 – Anti-Bullying/Harassment , #104 R1 – Anti-Harassment and Bullying Investigation Procedures, deleting #103 – Instructional Organization, renumbering #105 – Long-Range Needs Assessment to #103 and #105-R1 – Long-Range Needs Assessment to #103-R1, and adding #102-E2 – Continuous Notice of Non-Discrimination, #102-E3 – Notice of Section 504 Student and Parental Rights, #105 – Assistance Animals, and #106 – Discrimination and Harassment Based on Sex Prohibited..  Ahrens/Schlawin  Motion Carried 6-0



Supt Griffith reported that our health insurance costs have increased 2.9% this year.  He recommends that the Board increase the Board contribution to health insurance by $20 – $655/mo to $675/mo.  This increase will start in July, 2022.  The Board approved the increased contribution to health insurance as $675/mo starting in July.   Klosterman/Schultz  Motion Carried 6-0


Supt Griffith presented the proposed budget for FY23.  The Board approved setting the Public Hearing for the FY23 Certified Budget on April 11 at 5:30 pm.  Schlawin/Ahrens  Motion Carried 6-0


The Board approved the FY23 Local Government Risk Pool agreement in the amount of $94,242.63. Schlawin/Schultz  Motion Carried 6-0


The Board approved the AEA Purchasing Cooperative Purchasing Agreement for FY23.  This provides us with negotiated group prices through the AEA system.   Klosterman/Schlawin  Motion Carried 6-0


The Board approved hiring a girls assistant soccer coach at the same level for the assistant boys coach, due to the increasing number of athletes.  Klosterman/Ahrens  Motion Carried 6-0.


Supt Griffith reported on the recent teacher retention payments provided by the Governor.  He is recommending that the Board provide retention payments for those groups that were omitted from the original language:  instructional coaches, guidance counselors, teacher librarians, and several part-time employees.  All payments will be prorated based on their FTE.  The Board approved the additional retention payments.  Schultz/Ahrens  Motion Carried 6-0


The Board approved the FY22 audit.   Schlawin/Ahrens  Motion Carried 6-0


The Board approved a quote and short-term payment document from Apple for 200 new MacBook Air computers for teaching staff and incoming 9th grade students in the amount of $178,795.  These will be paid out of the FY23 budget.   They also approved 9 network switches from RTI for WUE and HS.  The RTI quote is for $42,000 with 70% reimbursed through ERate – final expense will be around $12,000.  Schlawin/Ahrens  Motion Carried 6-0



Amanda Rodgers asked about exit interviews for staff.  Supt Griffith stated that we do talk to the staff that leave when they leave.  Will work on a formalized conversation for an exit interview.  


Rich Klosterman asked about the grade alike discussions.  Transportation is still a big hurdle, time for starting and ending days, concerns on moving younger kids – community discussion and concerns around changing attendance centers.   


Motion to adjourn at 6:38 pm. Klosterman/Schlawin  Motion Carried 6-0


______________________________ _____________________________

Stacy Cummings, President Sue Thoms, Business Manager