May 11, 2020 Board Minutes




Minutes, Regular Meeting of the North Fayette Valley Community School District Board of Education, Monday, May 11, 2020 in the NFV High School Library, 600 N Pine St, West Union, IA  52175


NFV Board of Education: Julie Ahrens, Stacy Cummings, Emily Koch, LaCreasha McNeese, Carolyn Roys, Eileen Schlawin & Marc Rue 


Others: Superintendent: Duane Willhite, Business Manager: Sue Thoms; Public: Megan Molseed – media, and others by Zoom


President Cummings called the Regular Meeting of the NFV Board of Education to order at 6:01 p.m. and led the board and audience in the Pledge of Allegiance.


Roll Call of Board members: Ahrens, Cummings, Koch, McNeese, Schlawin, Rue & Roys. 


The agenda was approved as presented  Schlawin/Koch  Motion Carried 7-0


The Board appointed Sue Thoms as Board Secretary to fill the vacancy.  McNeese/Ahrens  Motion Carried 7-0


Motion to approve the consent agenda with the following items:

  • Minutes of the April 13, 2020 regular meeting
  • Minutes of the April 27, 2020 special meeting
  • Review/approve invoices
  • Approve Financial Reports
  • Approve Resignations: Donna Fink, Bonnie Fisher, Vinnie Otdoerfer

Ahrens/Schlawin Motion carried 7-0



Cassie Moss and Taylor Ney discussed that Seniors are currently done and waiting to see what happens with graduation.  College classes are continuing as well as classes for underclassmen.


Principals and Curriculum Director reports were in board packets for review and discussion.  


Superintendent’s report included an update on the CARES Act – NFV amount will be $126,943.  Expenditures for this funding will include cleaning supplies, summer school, and preparedness for future outbreaks.  He also reported on the components of the Return To Learn plan.  At the June meeting, we hope to have a more detailed discussion of this plan.       





Supt Willhite presented the tentative agreement with the NFVEA.  This includes a 2 year agreement with $450 added to each individual salary in each year, a reduction of 1 calendar day in the contract, and an increase of $300 to the Extra Duty Pay driving base.  This is an increase totaling around $54,000 for each year.  The NFVEA has approved the tentative agreement.  Motion to approve the tentative agreement.  Schlawin/Ahrens  Motion carried 7-0


Public Hearing to amend the FY21 Calendar:  President Cummings opened the Public Hearing at 6:19 pm.  Supt Willhite reviewed the agreement with the NFV to remove a day from the teacher contracts.  Teachers would start on August 19th with school starting on August 26th.  No public comments were received and the public hearing was closed at 6:23 pm.  The Board approved the amended FY21 Calendar.  Schlawin/McNeese  Motion carried 7-0  Discussion was held on possibly starting a few days early.  A concern of starting early is heat.  Planning may be open ended right up until we start in the fall.  A survey was suggested to get feedback from parents regarding remote learning.


Supt Willhite reported on Bruce Ehler’s proposal to purchase 2 grade levels of Apple Air Laptops, 16 Dells for ITECH, and updated network gear totalling $133,561 out of SILO funds.  CARES Act purchases include iPads – $13,158 and Chromebooks – $11,532 to replace current devices that do not work for future distance learning.  The Board approved the proposed technology purchases. Ahrens/Schlawin  Motion carried 7-0


Principal Wolverton presented the list of Seniors eligible for graduation.  The Board approved the list of seniors.  Schlawin/Roys  Motion carried 7-0


The Board approved contracts for FY21 for teachers – $51,663 increase, classified staff – $53,000 increase, and exempt employees – 0.5% increase.  Roys/Schlawin  Motion carried 7-0


The Board approved reimbursement of fees for semester milk $14.70 – will be added to the student lunch balance and Tigerhawk Preschool fees for half of March.  Koch/Roys  Motion carried 7-0


The Board approved bids for milk – Anderson Erickson, bread – Pan-O-Gold, gas, diesel, & fuel oil – AgVantage FS, and LP – Consolidated.  Koch/Schlawin  Motion carried 7-0


Motion to adjourn at 6:45 pm.  Schlawin/McNeese Motion carried 7-0


______________________________ _____________________________

Stacy Cummings, President Sue Thoms, Business Manager