November 25, 2019 Work Session Minutes



Minutes, Work Session of the North Fayette Valley Community School District Board of Education, 5:30 p.m., Monday, November 25, 2019 in the High School Library, 600 North Pine Street, West Union, IA 52175


NFV Board of Education: Julie Ahrens, Stacy Cummings, Emiiy Koch,

 LaCreasha McNeese, Carolyn Roys,

 Eileen Schlawin. Absent: Marc Rue

Others: Superintendent: Duane Willhite, HS Principal: Todd Wolverton, WUE & FE Principal: Travis Elliot, VE & MS Principal: Micah Gearhart, Curriculum Director, Betsy Nefzger, Business Manager: Sue Thoms,  Board Secretary, Carole Nading; 

Public: Kari Straube.


President Cummings  called the Work Session of the NFV Board of Education to order at 5:32  p.m.  


Board members present: Ahrens, Cummings, Koch, McNeese, Roys, Schlawin. 

Absent: Rue.


President Cummings led the board in the Pledge of Allegiance. 

Board Secretary, Carole Nading administered the Oath of Office to re-elected board members: Julie Ahrens (District #6), Stacy Cummings (District #7), and newly elected board members: Emily Koch (District #4) LaCreasha McNeese (District #1).


The board entered into discussion regarding the process of a Superintendent Search. 

Discussion included:

  • Whether or not to hire a search firm to assist in the process. Board requested to have a brief presentation from the Grundmeyer Firm at the December 9th board meeting to explore this option. Other contacts for assistance are also being pursued.
  • Consider sharing a superintendent. Consensus of the board would be not to share but discussion and vote is to take place at Dec. 9 meeting
  • Tentative timeline for the search: Work will be done to create a survey for the community, staff and students and will be reviewed by the Board at the December 9th meeting prior to making it available to the public.
  • Post opening on Teach Iowa by December 20, 2019 with a January 31, 2020 closing date for application submission.
  • Applications will be reviewed, and chosen candidates will be invited for interviews  with community members, staff, students and the Board of Education.
  • Tentatively the offer of contract and hire: early March 2020.

Motion to adjourn. Ahrens/Roys. Motion carried 6-0.

The board adjourned their Work Session at 6:55 p.m.


___________________________ __________________________

Board President, Stacy Cummings Board Secretary, Carole Nading