September 12, 2022 Minutes




Minutes, Regular Meeting of the North Fayette Valley Community School District Board of Education, Monday, September 12, 2022, in the NFV High School Library, 600 N Pine Street, West Union, IA  52142


NFV Board of Education: LaCreasha Schultz, Julie Ahrens, Amanda Rodgers, Stacy 

Cummings, Eileen Schlawin, & Richard Klosterman.  Emily Koch was absent.  Student members: Claire Britt & Brooklyn Hoey    

Others: Superintendent: Joe Griffith, Business Manager: Sue 

Thoms; Superintendent Secretary: Susan Winter; Principals: Lori Westhoff, Micah Gearhart, & Travis Elliott; Media: Mike VanSickle; Staff: Barb Schroeder, Christy Radloff, Kathy Hageman, and Lisa Meyer; Patrons: Gina Kuker.  


President Cummings called the Regular Meeting of the NFV Board of Education to order at 5:30 pm and Julie Ahrens led the board and audience in the Pledge of Allegiance.


Roll Call of Board members: Ahrens, Rodgers, Klosterman, Schlawin, Cummings, & Schultz. Koch was absent.


The agenda was approved as presented.  Ahrens/Schlawin  Motion Carried 6-0


Public Forum:  President Cummings welcomed and invited comments from the Public.   


Motion to approve the consent agenda with the following items:

  • Minutes of the August 8 regular meeting & August 15 work session
  • Review/approve invoices
  • Approve Financial Reports
  • Approve Resignations: Janessa Griffith – VE para
  • Approve Transfer of Debbie Ruroden from DTA para to DTA Interventionist
  • Approve New Hires: Jacob Pedersen – MS Special Ed teacher and Jon Kullen – Varsity Girls wrestling coach 
  • Volunteer Coaches: Ryan Holthaus – FFA advisor, Tracy Nuss – Cross Country & Paige Bruns – Cross Country
  • Gifts:  Fayette County Volleyball – $500 for new volleyball nets  

 Klosterman/Schlawin  Motion Carried 6-0



Student Ex-Officio Members Claire Britt and Brooklyn Hoey reported on the great start of the school year, homecoming activities, and fall sports.


Principals’ reports included the following: Student council activities have been a positive start to the year.  There has been a smooth start at all buildings in the district.  Short staffing has been a challenge in all buildings including substitutes and after school programs.     


Curriculum Director Nefzger reported on the professional development for the staff and assessment results from Spring testing.  


Business Manager Thoms reported on finalizing FY22 state reports.  


Superintendent’s report included the following: Student enrollments on the first day were up with the official count to take place on October 1.  The FFA is looking for a new test plot.  The Board will need to approve new director districts this winter as a result of the recent census.  Grade-alike centers and classroom space were discussed with the board wanting further study on this.  A work session will be held on Wednesday, October 5th at 6:15 pm to review the information.  






The Board approved appointing Brooklyn Hoey, 11th grade, as a student ex-officio board member.  Schlawin/Schultz   Motion Carried 6-0


The Board set a Public Hearing on October 10th at 5:30 pm regarding a resolution to transfer funds from eligible funds to the Flexibility Account.  Schlawin/Ahrens  Motion Carried 6-0


The Board approved lane changes for FY23:  Todd Conway – BA+15 to MA, Mina Fantz – BA+30 to MA, Erica Gronowski – BA+15 to BA+30, Molly J Holthauw – BA+15 to BA+30, Renee Larson – BA+30 to BA+45, and Ted Schacherer – BA+15 to MA. Schlawin/Klosterman  Motion Carried 6-0


Supt Griffith reported on the Special Education deficit for FY22 in the amount of $331,219.79 – FY21 deficit was $286,540.70.  The Board approved the following resolution:  

RESOLVED, that the Board of Directors of the North Fayette Valley Community School District will request allowable growth and supplement aid for the FY22 Special Education deficit in the amount of $331,219.75 or as adjusted by the Department of Education.  Schlawin/Ahrens  Motion Carried 6-0


The Board approved the FY23 list of Field Trips.   Schultz/Klosterman   Motion Carried 6-0 


The Board approved the comprehensive School Improvement Committee (SIAC) members for FY23 with LaCreasha Schultz and Rich Klosterman as board representatives.  Ahrens/Schultz  Motion Carried 6-0


Supt Griffith proposed offering Voluntary Early Retirement at the end of the FY23 school year to a maximum of 3 applicants.  Schlawin/Schultz  Motion Carried 6-0


Lisa Meyer and Gina Kuker presented information regarding sending NFV students to Germany in the Spring of 2023.  The Board approved sending NFV students to Germany at the end of the FY23 school year.  Rodgers/Klosterman  Motion Carried 6-0


The Board approved removing the outdated meal reimbursement amounts in Board Policy 401.7-R1 – Employee Travel Compensation. This change will be made in one reading.  This information is in the handbook.   Klosterman/Schultz  Motion Carried 6-0


Supt Griffith presented the Booster Club plans for a baseball concession stand, restroom, and press box.  This will be funded entirely by the Booster Club.  The Board approved the Booster Club plans.  Klosterman/Ahrens  Motion Carried 6-0


The Board approved Joe Griffith and Betsy Nefzger as the Level I investigators and the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office as the Level II investigator.  Schlawin/Schultz  Motion Carried 6-0


The Board approved Chris Miller as the Homeless Liaison for the district.  Schultz/Ahrens  Motion Carried 6-0


The Board approved the Lau Plan to support our English Language Learners at NFV.  Schlawin/Ahrens  Motion Carried 6-0


The Board approved acceptance of the snow removal bid from Super Landscapes for West Union and Valley campuses as well as the bid from Fayette Lumber for the Fayette campus.  Klosterman/Ahrens  Motion Carried 6-0


The Board approved the following NVF goals:  Academic goal – All students will make growth in ELA, Math, and Science & Social Emotional Learning goal – Enhance evidence-based SEL strategies to strengthen the learning environment.  Schlawin/Schultz   Motion Carried 6-0




Motion to adjourn at 6:41 pm. Ahrens/Schultz  Motion Carried 6-0


______________________________ _____________________________

Stacy Cummings, President Sue Thoms, Business Manager