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Holy Tech-A-Mole

July 2019

What’s new in the world of “High-tech”?pasted image 0

While you’ve been away basking in the sun, the technology team here at North Fayette Valley has been working on some amazing  projects. From pulling wire, to the crazy magic that makes everything work, we have some cool new stuff going on and you’re not going to want to miss it.

The magical single sign on

Tired of taking 20 minutes of class time to get younger students logged into a chromebook or web app? Introducing Clever and Single Sign-On! Clever is an online application for keeping students online applications all in one place. It also allows them to log in with the click of a button instead of having to remember all those pesky passwords with different requirements. Clever also allows students to log in with a custom QR code, meaning they just show their webcam the QR code and it signs them in, even for the chromebooks. When using the chromebooks the student will simply log in with the QR code and they’ll automatically be signed in to their email and directed to the clever home page!pasted image 0 2

Forgot your password — you can reset it yourself.

reset.nfvschools.compasted image 0 5

This is for both staff and students.

Finally, a new phone system.

You can finally dial an extension to reach someone in a different building!pasted image 0 3

Over the summer the technology team and some hired helpers have pulled over 8 miles, I’ll say it again, 8 miles worth of ethernet cable for the new system. Because of this, every building will have it’s phones tied together. This means, yes you guessed it, you can finally just dial an extension instead of having to look up a different building’s phone number. On top of it all, everyone’s extensions are stored in the phones. This means you can just search for someone’s name to call them, instead of having to look up their extension number.


Mojave! A lot of you have been asking, and it’s finally time. Feel free to upgrade to macOS Mojave on your school computer. There are a lot of exciting new features like Apple Classroom and Dark Mode to play with. You may also notice the occasional popup when running new software asking for permission to do something. For the most part it should be fine to click ok as long as you opened the application yourself. If you notice any of these pop ups, feel free to send us a screenshot and let us know what application you opened that caused it to pop up.pasted image 0 4

Off-site Protection

There’s a firewall at the school, but what about when I’m gone?pasted image 0 1

We are going to start installing the iboss filtering system on your computer. “But, I’m not a  nerdy tech person and I don’t really know what that means.”, you say? Let us break it down for you. You’ll have a magic filter between your computer and the internet, so if you accidentally click on a malicious link that’s asking you to update flash, it should stop you from actually going to that website and getting into trouble. “So nerds, does that mean you can see what websites I visit?”. Why, yes, yes it does. But it’s ok, we won’t judge you for your weird shopping habits or your netflix addiction. We won’t be spying on you, just trying to keep the bad guys out.

See you soon