Drama Club/Play Director: Julianne Meyer


Assistant Coaches: Denice Vandersee

20-21 Play: Robin Hood

The story of Robin Hood and his comrades begins in the county of Sherwood - a vast place meant to meet the needs of everyone. Or, it was, until the Sheriff took over in King Richard’s place. He cheated the people with ridiculous taxes until they were overcome by poverty. With so many citizens suffering, Robin Hood takes it upon himself to give all he can back to the poor by taking from the rich. In doing so, he becomes an outlaw instead of a hero, hunted and searched for wherever he goes. While Robin is doing all he can with his band of merry persons, (or idiots, whichever fits at the moment) he falls head over heels in love with the Sheriff's niece, Marian, who so happens to want to join the band??? How will this modernized tale ever turn out?

Cast Photo 1
Cast Photo 2