January 13, 2020 Agenda

North Fayette Valley Community School District

Monday, January 13, 2020 6:00 p.m.

NFV High School Library

600 North Pine Street, West Union, IA 52175




  3. Consent Agenda 
    1. Approval of Minutes
      1. Minutes of December 9, 2019 annual and organizational meetings
      2. Minutes of December 16, 2019 Work Session
    2. Review and approve invoices
    3. Approve Financial Reports
    4. Approve Contracts and resignations – 
      1. Resignations – 
      2. New Hires –
      3. Volunteer Coach – 
    5. Receive and approve Gifts –  Knights of Columbus to Special Olympics; West Union Dental Associates to the golf and football programs.
  4. Communications
    1. Student Reports
    2. Principals
    3. Curriculum Director
    4. Superintendent – Day on the Hill – January 28th
    1. Approve sale of tractor
    2. Approve sale of piano
    3. Consider open enrollment request
    1. Patron Request – Chris Lundgren Booster club requests
    2. Discuss Valley Preschool Day Care proposal
    3. At-Risk Dropout Prevention Levy
    4. Discuss maintaining TCLC program
    5. Consider Local Government Risk Pool membership
    6. Proposal for possible girls soccer program
    7. Supt Search Processes
      1. Review timelines
      2. Preview survey results
      3. Assess participation in interview committees
  7. Board Discussion for Possible agenda items
  8.  Adjourn

TO:        NFV School Board members

FROM:    Duane WIllhite, Supt.

Date:        January 9, 2020

RE:        Notes for January 13, 2020 Board Meeting



  • Consent Agenda
  • Approval of Minutes
  • Minutes of December 9, 2019 annual and organizational meetings
  • Minutes of December 16, 2019 Work Session
  • Review and approve invoices
  • Approve Financial Reports
  • Approve Contracts and resignations –
  • Resignations –
  • New Hires –  Jasmine Stocker,  LT Sub for Valley Special Ed
  • Volunteer Coach –
  • Receive and approve Gifts –  West Union Dental Associates has gifted the Activities program in honor of Rayne and Cole Everitt that will benefit the golf and football programs.Knights of Columbus is gifting the proceeds of their annual Tootsie Roll Drive to Special Olympics.
  • Communications
  • Student Reports
  • Principals
  • Curriculum Director
  • Superintendent
  • Day on the Hill – January 28th  the annual Day on the Hill for lobbying at the statehouse is Jan. 28.  We get some new info on where they are going with school issues and a chance to talk to our reps.  If interested, it starts at 9 and goes to whenever you get done. Let me know if interested in attending,  I probably will not attend this year.
  • West Union K9 officer – Jesse Stanbrough will stop in to talk about funding for the WU Police Dept. dog.  He is used annually in the schools, so it’s nice to have that.
  • Approve sale of tractor – We have a $1000 bid for the 1857 Farmall M.  Mr. Holthaus estimates value at $2000-$3000 We can accept or reject this bid.  We recommend rejecting the bid, we believe we can get its value through other means.
  • Approve sale of piano – We have no bidders,  It will sit in the bus barn until the next garage sale.
  • Consider open enrollment request – As of 12/29/19, this student in question has been seen by professionals and placed on medication.  The open enrollment request that we discussed last month appears to match the just cause for late open enrollment due to medical condition.  
  • Patron Request – Chris Lundgren Booster club requests  Mr. Lundgren represents the PeeWee wrestling program and would like to discuss a proposal to purchase a wrestling mat.
  • Discuss Valley Preschool Day Care proposal – Mr. Gearhart and LeviArchitecture toured a building in downtown Elgin for a possible child care site.  The estimate for a renovation of the building and building outdoor infrastructure for a day care would be $375,000.  They also toured the current building in the preschool room and former Supt. office. There is room, with some modifications, to host a 3 Yr Old classroom in the Supt. Office, and to have a toddler and infant day care facility in the re-school room.  The 4 year old program already uses the main building in an elementary classroom . The estimate for remodeling this space into a daycare is under $100,000. I’ve studied the plan and where other possible classrooms could be located and find this site acceptable.  The Pre-school board would like permission to design their day care center for these spaces. I am asking you to consider the impact of housing the daycare in that location as it impacts future plans for the district. I believe we have the room to expand if necessary and would recommend allowing the preschool board to develop and design a plan for remodelling, with the intent of seeking quotes from contractors to do this work in the summer months.  
  • At-Risk Dropout Prevention Levy  Mrs. Thoms has completed the financial report for the At Risk Modified Allowable Growth levy.  We use this levy annually at the maximum level and are asking you to approve a levy of $375,000 which must be matched with 25% more from our general fund.  We need board approval to submit this request.
  • Discuss maintaining TCLC program – TCLC as we know it at West Union Elementary has been in existence for 5 years, and must be re-applied for.  WUE is not above 40% free and reduced lunch students, so they are not eligible for a new grant. We gathered with Helping Services and the VELC 21st Century Learning Center in hopes of finding a way to extend services for our students without the grant.  There are a few options, each relies on funding from somewhere else. We could apply for other grants and ask for donations, or charge families on a sliding scale. The number of students that this program serves should indicate it should continue.
  • Consider Local Government Risk Pool membership– An LGRP is an association of public entities that pool their energy purchases so as to avoid big jumps in prices.  In the packet is a set of powerpoint slides that describes the LGRP concept. Long story short, this allows us to purchase natural gas from the Management fund and saves us $70,000 of General Fund.  I would recommend joining this IowaLGRP effective July 1, 2020.
  • Proposal for Girls Soccer Program – Mr. Wolverton has developed a procedure to start developing a girls soccer program, with potential varsity competition in 2022.  The proposal is in the packet.
  • Supt Search Processes  I inserted this just to give the opportunity for the board to be updated and check on progress in the search.
  • Review timelines
  • Preview survey results
  • Assess participation in interview committees
  • Board Discussion for Possible agenda items
  •  Adjourn