November 11, 2019 Agenda

North Fayette Valley Community School District

Monday, November 11, 2019  6:00 p.m.

NFV Middle School Library

23493 Canoe Road, Elgin,  IA 52141




  3. PUBLIC FORUM – Open to public comment on items not on the agenda
  4. Consent Agenda 
    1. Approval of Minutes
      1. Minutes of Oct. 14, 2019 – Regular Meeting
      2. Minutes of Oct. 21 Public Hearing
      3. Minutes of Oct. 29 Special Meeting
    2. Review and approve invoices
    3. Approve Financial Reports
    4. Approve Contracts and resignations – 
      1. Resignations – 
      2. New Hires –
      3. Volunteer Coach
    5. Receive and approve Gifts 
  5. Communications
    1. Student Reports
    2. Principals’ Reports
    3. Curriculum Director Report 
    4. Superintendent Report 
      1. Report from National Rural Schools Convention
      2. Solar installations update
    5. Board Member reports
    1. Approve bid for sale of FFA tractor
    2. Approve 2nd read Therapy Dog policies
    3. Policy Approval (2nd Read):
      1.  203 – Board of Directors’ Conflict of Interest
      2. 206.2 – Vice-President
      3. 307 – Communication Channels
      4. 501.5 – Attendance Center Assignment
      5. 505.5 – Graduation Credits – High School
      6. 603.1 – Basic Instruction Program
    1. SBRC Application
    2. AEA Election of board members
    3. Consider offering Early Retirement
    4. Discussion item – Supt. search timelines
    5. Schedule work session for Supt search
    6. FY21 Calendar Preview
  8. Board Discussion for Possible agenda items
  9. Adjourn


TO:        NFV School Board members

FROM:    Duane WIllhite, Supt.

Date:        October 10, 2019

RE:        Notes for October 14, 2019 Board Meeting




  • PUBLIC FORUM – Open to public comment on items not on the agenda
  • Consent Agenda
  • Approval of Minutes


        1. Minutes of October 14, 2019 – Regular Meeting
        2. Minutes of October 21, 2019 – Public hearing
        3. Minutes of October 29, 2019 – Special Meeting


  • Review and approve invoices
  • Approve Financial Reports
  • Approve Contracts and resignations –
  • Resignations – Ted Schacherer, Pit Band
  • New Hires – Kyle Harms, Pit Band; Julie Lansing, Paraprofessional
  • Volunteer Coach – Elise Vandersee, Bowling team
  • Receive and approve Gifts – Financial gift from Kara Wedemeier for MHAT; Reid Martin Cheerleading and Suzanne Rowe dance team choreography.
  • Communications
  • Student Reports
  • Principals’ Reports
  • Curriculum Director Report
  • Superintendent Report
  • Report from National Rural Schools Convention – We heard a lot about CTE programming in other states, teacher shortages and internships/work experiences.  Colorado has a good teacher retention program using college debt forgiveness, but that would take legislative action.  Kentucky has a consortium called KVEC, (Kentucky Valley Education Consortium) Students were telling us about some pretty ambitious projects they were doing.   Also learned about Holographic Epistemologies.
  • Solar installations update  Fayette and Valley installations are generating, Bus Barn is done but not yet turned on, HS will be a “couple weeks” yet.
  • Board Member reports
  • Approve bid for sale of FFA tractor there were no bids submitted
  • Approve 2nd read Therapy Dog policies  Last month we had first read of the new therapy dog policies.  These will be in the packet, for your information. I believe we will be able to approve these, if you have an issue with something let me know and perhaps I can investigate more before the meeting,  #606.3 – no change; old policy 506.3 is changed to 603.3 R1 Service Dogs; 606.3R2 will be the therapy dog policy, and this assumes a certified therapy dog team (includes the handler).
  • Policy Approval (2nd Read):  This set of policies are required edits suggested by IASB, there are really no important changes in policy for them; the highlights-
  •  203 – Board of Directors’ Conflict of Interest  You may now earn up to $6000 from school district (was $2500)
  • 206.2 – Vice-President  This one makes election times the same as the board president
  • 307 – Communication Channels  adds “It is within the board’s discretion whether to hear the concern.” about complaints
  • 501.5 – Attendance Center Assignment  adds that we “must honor a request to place siblings” in the same or different classroom requested by parents.  This one might hit us at the Valley elementary with the multi-age arrangement.
  • 505.5 – Graduation Credits – High School  Add the requirement that special ed students must have 4 English, 3 Math, 3 Science and 3 SS credits to graduate.
  • 603.1 – Basic Instruction Program  Adds the financial literacy requirement.
  • SBRC Application  This application is for increased enrollment, open enrollment out, and ELL beyond 5 years.  We are requesting $26,944 for open enrollment and $6,123.9 for ELL beyond 5 years for a total request of $33,067.92 for the year. 
  • AEA Election of board members – As a board, we vote for representation on the AEA board of directors.  Sue Updegraff is our current rep and I recommend she continue as such.
  • Consider offering Early Retirement-  The disadvantage early retirements are that we run the risk of not finding quality replacements in this time of teacher shortages.  The advantage of early retirement is that it’s a bit of a budget relief, and the possibility that we are creating a substitute pool for next year.
  • Discussion item – Supt. search timelines – There is a list of all search firms in the state in this packet.  I also have developed what I have observed as a common timeframe for supt hiring.  Just a template that can be changed and arranged if you want to change things. If you want to hire a firm, they will offer their own timelines for the most part.
  • Schedule work session for Supt search    Not written in stone, just something to get you thinking
  •          FY21 Calendar Preview  Again, preview only, we will have discussions during Labor Management.  A couple possible adjustments could be starting on Aug 26 (short first week), I have both MLK and Presidents day as days off, (possible snow days?) no early outs on this one yet, we always seem to ask how we can do PD better.
  • Board Discussion for Possible agenda items
  • Adjourn