November 19, 2018 Agenda


Meeting of North Fayette Valley Community School Districts

Monday, November 19,  2018 6:00 p.m.

North Fayette Valley HS Library

600 North Pine Street,  West Union, IA 52175




  3. Consent Agenda
    1. Approval of Minutes
      1. Minutes of October 8, 2018, Regular Meeting
      2. Minutes of October 22, 2018, Special Meeting
    2. Review and approve invoices
    3. Approve Financial Reports
    4. Approve Contracts and resignations
      1. Approve Volunteer Coaches
      2. Resignations
    5. Receive and approve Gifts
  1. Communications
    1. Principals Reports
    2. Curriculum Director Report
    3. Superintendent Report
      1. Snow removal update
    4. Board Member reports
  2. Old Business
    1. Second Read Board Policy 903.2  Volunteer Drivers
  3. New Business
    1. Approve Field Trips
    2. Consider 8th Grade Trip
    3. Services Agreement with Medical Enterprises
    4. Review of Parent and Family Engagement Policy 2018-19
    5. Formally accepting the WUE Parking Improvements
    6. Approve Touch Screen Interactive School History
    7. Fayette Playground Proposal
    8. Approve student teacher contract with William Penn
    9. Consider approval of fundraiser, 5th math through
    10. Consider SBRC Application
      1. New Open Enrollment Out Increase
      2. New ELL
    11. Policy Revision/Rescinding
      1. 213 – Public Participation in Board Meetings
      2. 213.1 – Public Complaints
      3. 213.1R1 (recommend: rescind)
      4. 502.3 – Freedom of Expression
      5. 502.6 – Weapons
      6. 505.5 – Graduation requirements
      7. 704.3 – Investments
      8. 705.1 – Purchasing-Bidding
      9. 710.2 – Free or Reduced Cost Meal Eligibility
      10. 710.4 – Meal Charges
      11. 804.2 – Warning System and Emergency Plans
  4. Board Discussion for possible agenda items
  5. Adjourn


TO: NFV School Board members

FROM: Duane WIllhite, Supt.

Date: November 8, 2018

RE: Notes for November 19, 2018 Board Meetings





  • Call To Order/Roll Call/Pledge
  • Approval of Agenda
  • Consent Agenda
  • Approval of Minutes
  • Minutes of October 8, 2018 Regular Meeting
  • Minutes of October 22, 2018 Special Meeting
  • Review and approve invoices
  • Approve Financial Reports
  • Approve Contracts and resignations
  • Resignations, Karissa Butikofer, Para; Brent Kuker, Assistant Volleyball Coach; Melanie Bauch, MS Secretary
  • Notifications of at-will assignments – Corey Mincks, Custodian; Jillian Lauer, MS Secretary; Jamie German, Librarian/Guidance Assistant, Valley Campus
  • Requested Transfers & Approve contracts – Seth Owings, Soccer Coach; LeVirgil Monroe, Middle School Wrestling
  • Volunteer Coach contract – Christian Trafelet, Drill Team; Jon Kullen, Wrestling; Robbie Kerr, Wrestling; Winston Robbins, Wrestling; Elise Vandersee, Bowling
  • Receive and approve Gifts – Special Olympics, monetary gift; Drama Department, monetary gift; NFV MS, 3 door display case
  • Communications
  • Principals Reports
  • Curriculum Director Report
  • Superintendent Report
  • Snow removal update  Baker Excavating has notified us that they will no longer be snow plowing for us.  Jeff Alber, who has the contract for North Fayette buildings, has agreed to complete this season at Bakers previous rates.  We will be asking for bids on plowing and mowing contracts this winter.
  • Board Discussion for possible agenda items
  • Old Business
  • Second Read Board Policy 903.2  Volunteer Drivers  This was reviewed last month, placing age limits on volunteer drivers for activity trips.  I recommend approval.
  • New Business
  • Approve Field Trips  The Mental Health Awareness Team is planning a trip to the St. Paul Museum of Science on December 2nd.  Being an out of state trip, we need board approval. It will be Cassie Peterson and 8 students of the MHAT group.  I recommend approval.
  • Consider 8th Grade Trip  We have been considering an educational opportunity for 8th graders in which several of our area schools participate.  It is a guided 7 or 8 day trip to Washington DC, including stops in Gettysburg and possibly Mount Vernon. Local schools such as South Winn, Turkey Valley and others do this trip and they highly recommend it.  They report that roughly 80-90% of students participate. Some fundraising would be involved, but the costs of the trip will be the parents responsibility. Estimates would vary depending on our choices of destinations in DC and how efficiently we can use the services provided by Legacy Travel.  By that I mean how will we fill every seat in a bus, and handle the costs for hotels and meals. I have seen estimates of $1300 to $1500 per student. My goal would be to make it as affordable as we possibly can for every student so if anyone chooses not to participate it won’t be because of the money.  That’s a high expectation, but one of the reasons I haven’t brought this to you earlier is concerns over that affordability. I think the results that I have heard are too good to pass up. Tentatively, we will plan for an October trip in 2019 for the 2019-20 8th graders. We would go between sports seasons and the 8th grade team would mostly make up the teacher chaperones, some volunteer chaperones will be required as well.  Our own Linda Johansen is a tour guide for Legacy Travel and I will invite her to attend this board meeting to answer questions.
  • Services Agreement with Medical Enterprises   Medical Enterprises serves as our random drug tester for bus drivers.  I recommend we approve this agreement.
  • Review of Parent and Family Engagement Policy 2018-19  This is a new policy to meet the needs of the ESSA plan for Iowa.  Mr. Elliott developed this so he can answer any questions.
  • Formally accepting the WUE Parking Improvements Wicks Construction has completed the work on the south parking lot at WUE.  I recommend we approve and pay the retainage
  • Approve Touch Screen Interactive School History – Mr. Wolverton has been researching ways to provide a replacement for the graduate composite photos and to support an archive of activities and academic highlights of the district.  This touch screen would be a TV-like monitor that is displayed in both the high school and middle school. Public could use the electronic database by interacting with the screen or it would hold school announcements or other general information for students and staff.  Donors and the Booster Club are supporting this effort with $11,000 and the district would contribute the balance of the costs (approximately $9-10,000).
  • Fayette Playground Proposal – I have ordered an arched swing frame with 6 belt swings at $ 3,205 delivered for that playground.  They also would like a climbing, physical fitness type of play.  I found these rocks and ropes features and priced them out. Trying to stay under that $22,000 total, I think we’d need to use the #3 option at $14,410.  Installation would include a couple yards of concrete by volunteers, and roughly 32 x 55 ft by 15” deep of mulch. The mulch would run $__________, so that total, with the swingset would make the project $_________.   To go to option #4, which would fit on the same area at $18,775 would then cost the additional $4365 for a total of $ _______.
  • Approve Student Teacher contract with William Penn  this is a standard agreement between schools and colleges.  I recommend approval.


      1. Consider approval of fundraiser, 5th math through


  • Consider SBRC Application – Sue Thoms will have the totals for these levies that we use annually.  It provides spending authority for student counts that increase our expenditures and were not included in the October 2017 enrollment.
  • New Open Enrollment Out Increase
  • New ELL
  • Policy Revision/Rescinding  These are mostly policy changes being recommended by IASB or made necessary to update due to the reorganization:
  • 213 – Public Participation in Board Meetings  We are adding an overall time limit to the public forum.  Of course this limited could be extended by the board president, but it gives us and public a standard to use.
  • 213.1 – Public Complaints  This is the replacement from IASB that will take General Complaints by Citizens 213.1-R1 out of the policy book.
  • 213.1R1 (recommend: rescind)
  • 502.3 – Freedom of Expression  The major update in this one is paragraph 3, where it discusses preparations and protocols for student mass protests (walk-outs or walk-ins)
  • 502.6 – Weapons  We are adding tasers and stun guns to the weapons policy as they are considered dangerous objects, but not firearms.  Thus the expulsion or suspension may be a bit different depending on the circumstances.
  • 505.5 – Graduation requirements  As per statute, we are adding 1 credit of Financial Literacy effective for the class of 2020.
  • 704.3 – Investments  this is another requirement recommended by IASB.
  • 705.1 – Purchasing-Bidding – this is another requirement recommended by IASB.
  • 710.2 – Free or Reduced Cost Meal Eligibility – this is another requirement recommended by IASB.
  • 710.4 – Meal Charges  In order to comply with the new meal shaming law, we are changing our procedures for negative meal balances.  This virtually assures students will get a reimbursable meal to what is offered to the entire population when they have a negative balance.  This will likely lead to a need to go through small claims court to collect an overdue lunch balance.
  • 804.2 – Warning System and Emergency Plans  this is another requirement recommended by IASB.
  • Board Discussion for possible agenda items
  • Adjourn