October 14, 2019 Agenda

North Fayette Valley Community School District

Monday, October 14, 2019  6:00 p.m.

NFV High School Library

600 N. Pine St, West Union, IA 52175




  3. PUBLIC FORUM – Open to public comment on items not on the agenda
  4. Consent Agenda 
    1. Approval of Minutes
      1. Minutes of Sept. 9, 2019 – Regular Meeting
    2. Review and approve invoices
    3. Approve Financial Reports
    4. Approve Contracts and resignations – 
      1. Resignations – 
      2. New Hires – Jamie Hollinrake, shared H.R. Asst., Shirley Durnan, VELC, Lisa Ellis, WUE
      3. Volunteer Coach
    5. Receive and approve Gifts – Financial gift from Robert Van Horn for our drill team
  5. Communications
    1. Student Reports
    2. Principals’ Reports
    3. Curriculum Director Report 
    4. Superintendent Report 
      1. Enrollment
      2. Special Ed Deficit info
    5. Board Member reports
      1. Leader in Me Book Study – Chapter 7
    1. Discussion on Valley Day Care
    1. Report from WUE playground Cmt
    2. Approve sale of FFA tractor
    3. Consider Downtown Academy Roof repair
    4. Consider Stipend for Chlorination testing
    5. Approval of LEP funding
    6. Request by West Union Park and Rec
    7. Consider Therapy Dog policies
    8. Discussion – Fayette solar panels
    9. Approve SIAC membership
    10. Hall of Fame 
    11. German Exchange program
    12. Policy Revision (first read):
      1.  203 – Board of Directors’ Conflict of Interest
      2. 206.2 – Vice-President
      3. 307 – Communication Channels
      4. 501.5 – Attendance Center Assignment
      5. 505.5 – Graduation Credits – High School
      6. 603.1 – Basic Instruction Program
  8. Board Discussion for Possible agenda items
  9. Adjourn


TO: NFV School Board members

FROM: Duane WIllhite, Supt.

Date: October 10, 2019

RE: Notes for October 14, 2019 Board Meeting





  • PUBLIC FORUM – Open to public comment on items not on the agenda
  • Consent Agenda
  • Approval of Minutes
  • Minutes of Sept. 9, 2019 – Regular Meeting
  • Review and approve invoices
  • Approve Financial Reports
  • Approve Contracts and resignations –
  • Resignations –
  • New Hires – Jamie Holinrake, shared H.R. Asst., Shirley Durnan, VELC, 
  • Volunteer Coach
  • Receive and approve Gifts – Financial gift from Robert VanHorn for our drill team
  • Communications
  • Student Reports– We forgot the student reports last month,  my apologies to them!
  • Principals’ Reports
  • Curriculum Director Report
  • Superintendent Report
  • Enrollment -this will still be tentative, but should be very close
  • Special Ed Deficit info
  • Board Member reports
  • Leader in Me Book Study – Chapter 7
  • Discussion on Valley Daycare  After discussing briefly with the leadership of the Preschool board, we would like to look at locations for a stand alone building on Valley Campus.  This could be a $300,000 to $400,000 project, mostly OPM if they can get the grants and donations. District contribution would be mostly in-kind, building site and improvements.  Mr. Gearhart has written some discussion points for this proposal.
  • Report from WUE playground Cmt – Courtney Bently has requested time to discuss the WUE PTO playground project.  This will include a financial report and probably a request for a district contribution.
  • Approve sale of FFA tractor – Mr. Holthaus has requested the FFA be allowed to sell the refurbished Farmall M tractor. Typically when they sell one, he has the next project in mind and the money would go to that project.  I think we’ll need a sealed bid process. I recommend approval.
  • Consider Downtown Academy Roof repair – As I feared, the shingles on this building are not in good shape.  Jay Swenka is looking at getting a quote for us on Monday.
  • Consider Stipend for Chlorination testing  Now that we have a chlorination system we need someone who can test the water every day.  For now I have assigned this to Jay as it has to be someone who can earn his Water Distribution Grade 1 license.  I think he is the best choice because I’m not sure Quenton will be with us long term and the other custodians at Valley are pretty young.  At some time we may be able to move this to one of them. The testing takes 1 ¼ hours every day with his drive time. When he gets licensed he will also do the monthly water tests for bacteria as Tom Martin has requested we find someone else to do this.
  • Approval of LEP funding – This used to be called ELL, I believe it is now Limited English Proficiency.  As of today we have 13 LEP students, ended last year with 17. This is similar to the Special Ed Deficit in that it is a levy to pay back the LEP expenses that the foundation formula didn’t cover.  This is $23,442.42. I recommend approval.
  • Request by West Union Park and Rec – Last year we were asked to buy one of the new scoreboards for the rec center softball fields.  We did not participate in that as West Union is just one of our communities. However, we do play on these diamonds each spring in our softball invitational.  West Union Park and Rec ended up short on money to pay for all the scoreboards, so they are asking us for a $1000 contribution.
  • Consider Therapy Dog policies – Ms. Bushman has responded to my request for some information about the use of Therapy Dogs.  It seems as though she has much of the information I asked for and she is meeting most of our requests.  There are some policies in the packet that looks like a great way to begin the process for using a therapy dog.  Policy 606.3 is our Animals in the classroom policy, I am not asking for a change in that.  Policy 508.6 is our existing Service and Therapy Dog policy.  And the new 606.3R1 is now a Service Dog regulation. This is taken from our old Policy #508.6.  I have taken the Therapy dog language out of that so as to separate the two policy-wise. Then the Osage policy for Certified Therapy Dogs is 606.3R2 amended to  Certified Therapy Dog Teams in NFV Schools.  This would be our regulation for Cash.  I like this because it is detailed in its definition of a therapy dog.



We will be looking for a specific organization to register our therapy dog with.  There are many but we will stay with an American Kennel Club recommendation. We have to be registered with someone, and each organization has different recommended rules, we’ll find one that fits our needs and is a legitimate organization for professional therapy dogs. 


At this time we are working on the policy and in the spring when training is completed we will decide the place of therapy dogs in our district.  Costs to us would be the reimbursement for training, registration, and any physical tests and vaccinations that would not be required for a family pet.


  • Discussion – Fayette solar panels  These panels will be operating soon, if they aren’t already.  Walvatnes have all concluded this project other than the final inspection.  I have been in contact with Andrew Wenthe and some of the neighbors to the school that were concerned about this installation.  Rachel Strong is working on identifying plants and shrubs we can install to help beautify the project. I hope to get some things on the south side yet this year, then we will work on the interior of the fence, west side and north side in upcoming seasons.
  • Approve SIAC membership  Betsy has recruited some new SIAC members, and assigned the staff rotation.  Our meetings will be Oct. 16, Jan. 22, and April 15.
  • Hall of Fame – Not sure if we have anything new to report.  The criteria and guidelines are in the packet again.  We have not yet approved going forward with this, but if we want to get it started we’ll have to approve it soon.  
  • German Exchange Program – If we are going to host German students, we should approve the program.
  • Policy Revision (first read):  These policy changes are recommended by IASB 
  •  203 – Board of Directors’ Conflict of Interest
  • 206.2 – Vice-President
  • 307 – Communication Channels
  • 501.5 – Attendance Center Assignment
  • 505.5 – Graduation Credits – High School
  • 603.1 – Basic Instruction Program
  • Board Discussion for Possible agenda items
  • Adjourn